Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Devyn Quinn & Free Ebooks

Ebook Readers: Which is best?

Before we get to today's blog topic, I'd like to thank Deidre at Gothic Asylum Reviews for allowing me the chance to join her today. As some of you might know, All Romance eBooks is sponsoring a Go Green/Read an eBook campaign. As one of their ambassadors, I am here to spread the word about eBooks and how fabulous they are.

As an author who has been in on the eBook revolution since it began in the early nineties, I found myself fascinated by the idea of books in a portable, paperless format. I'm all for eBooks, and anything that gets people back to reading for entertainment.

There's only one problem I've found and, for me, it's been a big one. What is the best way to read an eBook? I have to admit that the idea of using my work computer is unattractive. After all, I sit behind the computer all day working on my own projects. When it comes time for pleasure reading, the last thing I want to do is look at the monitor some more! I could print the book—except that some eBooks disable the print function. Printing the book also defeats the purpose of eBooks. It wastes expensive ink and paper, something I'm not inclined to do in the first place. I purchased the book because of its portable format. It's supposed to be easy and convenient to read. But it's not! My problem is that I have yet to find the perfect eBook reader.

Therefore I am asking readers this question: What eBook reader do you use, and why?

Give us the specs and tell us how the device you've chosen is the perfect one for reading eBooks. In other words, convince me this is the reader for me!

And since this is an eBook campaign, I'll be giving away free PDF copies of my gothic novel, The Keeper of Eternity, to any reader who emails me, saying they saw this article at Gothic Asylum Reviews! Send your request to: admin@devynquinn.com.


Devyn Quinn is a romance author and avid eBook reader, blogging this month for All Romance eBooks' Go Green/Read e Campaign. Find out more about the Go Green/Read e Campaign at www.gogreenreade.com. To learn more about Devyn, visit her website at www.devyquinn.com. You can find Devyn's eBooks and thousands of other eBooks on-line at www.allromanceebooks.com.**


  1. Hi Dee and Devyn -
    Sorry I missed this entry! I have been using a Kindle2 since mid March and I am very happy with it even though I have lots more to learn how to use it more fully. I hope soon to do up a bit of a review on it and I will be happy to share that with you!

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