Monday, January 12, 2009


Our library where I work at got broken into sometime last Thursday night or Friday morning. Imagine my surprise when I walk in to find broken glass and drawers / cabinets open all over the place. I headed straight to the phone to dial 911 then when outside to wait on the cops. The good news is they caught the guy, recovered the cameras that he had stolen and the only true sign of the break-in is having to get new glass for two doors.


  1. Wow! Are you in a public library? That is insane? In some ways I am lucky, as the library I work in is inside at college, so we have security (actually security is right beside the library). I am glad they caught him!

  2. Yes, we are a small public libary. No security other than the police making drive-bys when they think to do it. Our neighborhood is not the best either. That's another thing, public libraries are typically situated so that they are accessible to all and unfortunately, that can be not so safe areas. We had previously had money stolen on two occasions and are now pretty sure that it was the same person.