Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mailbox Monday

I might as well change the name of this since I can never seem to actually get it posted on Monday, but bear with me, for I have been down with the flu this week.

Monday - David Baldacci - Divine Justice (audiobook)

Tuesday - Mimi Riser - My Knightly Adventures
James Patterson - Cross Country (audiobook)

Wednesday - E. Jamie - make-up brush set, lip glosses and assorted bookmarks

Thursday - Alexa Young - Faketastic
Matrimony - Joshua Henkin

Friday - Chris Grabenstein - Tilt-A-Whirl

Saturday - nothing


  1. So..I am new to your site...and I was wondering....
    Could you explain to me what mailbox monday is?

  2. It's what I have received in the mail from authors or blogs the previous week. Other bloggers do it as well. It's just kind of neat to see what folks have gotten in the mail. I'm just nosy that way. Feel free to share anything that you've gotten as a comment. Like I said, I'm nosy. LOL


  3. Cool! Does E-mail count? :D (ie: ebooks)

  4. Sure! I'd love to hear what ebooks you got. You can pretty much include anything you received in the mail, even if you bought it yourself.


  5. Ok
    Mon - received won print copy of Survivor by Mary Eason
    Tue - Nothing
    Wed - Won ecopy of Fortune's Promise by Karen Erickson
    Thur - Won ecopy of Ilfayne's Bane by Julia Knight
    Fri - nothing
    Sat - nothing
    Sun - won ecopy of Sand Angel by Mackenzie McKade
    - won ecopy of Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna

    I won some other things last week...but I have not received them yet :D So I will update when you up date next :D

  6. Cool beans! Nice haul Natasha. Thanks for sharing.